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Heavy Metal Girls

Bitches Bringin The Mosh

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This is not a hardcore group. This is not an emo group. This is not a "let's be a bunch of cunts and hate each other cuz so-and-so doesn't (or does) like such-and-such band."


1. No bashing each other. I can't look at every comment that happens though if someone is having a problem with someone else, e-mail me. Don't comment in my personal journal. Just don't. My e-mail is xerzsebetx@yahoo.com.

2. This is a community to talk about shows, show off pics from shows, talk about and rave about your fav metal bands, and it will be done tactfully and with humor. Take everything with a grain of salt please unless someone is really getting to you. In that case...see above.

3. Try not to comment in each others' personal journals please? That's what this community is here for. Comment and share opinions in the entries here.

That's pretty much all I can think of now. I mod ma_kink as well so check that out. Please, above all, be polite to each other. If you don't like someone here don't comment on them. kThanks.